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Deploy anything, anywhere: Ensure Success at Every Stage of your Field Deployment Project

Empower your critical infrastructure projects by ensuring seamless execution of your field deployment needs with IntelliFinder.

From planning to deployment – and every stage in between in your infrastructure projects – regardless of whether you need to roll out fiber, establish wind turbines, or handle waste management: you can count on us.

Build your infrastructure from the ground up and continue to rely on our software solutions for ongoing maintenance with location-based task management, work order management, resource management, documentation, and reporting.



Integrate IntelliFinder in every stage of your deployment project

"IntelliFinder is a mandatory part of our infrastructure supporting quality assurance during execution, ensuring a high level of documentation for the benefit of Site- and Inspection Managers and O&M Operators."

Mette Sandvig

Project Manager at Banedanmark

Project Stage: Planning & Preparation

Finishing a project within budget and scope requires thorough planning and preparation.

Organise workflows, infrastructure points, and assets, along with all relevant documentation needed for project execution.

Utilise the location planning module to upload or draw your route or site plan directly in IntelliFinder, or upload your GIS data.


Project execution, planning, and precision mapping with IntelliFinder

Optimise your project management–from planning through to deployment–by ensuring efficient execution at every stage with IntelliFinder.


Help minimise delays and sustain project momentum by allowing for rapid reassignment of field specialists and resources when unexpected challenges arise.

Each step of deployment is meticulously documented with our integrated communication tools, work orders, and documentation streamline workflows, ensuring consistent quality control and flawless execution of the deployment plan.

Our software enables precise mapping of large sites, such as facilities, premises, and installations, to plot critical points.

You are welcome.

Seamlessly manage every aspect of a project—from planning through deployment—by providing a unified work order process and centralising data management with IntelliFinder.

Speed up project timelines, reduce downtime, and enhance your reliability and quality of service delivery by swiftly create and dispatch work orders ensuring that field workers can respond without delay.

Prioritise tasks based on urgency, and see when work is done and by who, with detailed work order reporting and documentation history.

IntelliFinder optimises operational efficiency and reduces rework with features like quick project planning through task templates and automatic create and assign work orders to an asset, location, or specialist.

And of course, track your deployment progress across of work orders in real time. All in seconds.

Streamline the deployment process by managing your work orders



Optimise collaboration with specialists and subcontractors

Enhance your stakeholder ecosystem by streamlining communication, management, and coordination with specialists and subcontractors during deployment projects with IntelliFinder.

Align project goals, timelines, and compliance requirements by cohesive communication to ensure that everyone is fostering a unified approach to the deployment work.

This to ensure that the team before you are done with their subtask before you show up to solve yours.

Our integrated tools facilitate seamless interactions among all stakeholders involved, from project managers to field technicians and subcontractors.


Optimise operational efficiency and decision-making by enabling precise asset control and offering detailed insights into every transaction with IntelliFinder.

Be up to date with the status and functionality of your infrastructure assets, and easily track when and by whom they were last used or worked on.

Our comprehensive software solution, with associated hardware as barcodes, QR code stickers, NFC scanning, and GPS trackers, empowers field staff to efficiently manage and track assets in real-time.

Easy peasy.

This ensures easy differentiation and identification, updates on status, usage, and location, and facilitates strategic movement across diverse locations like vehicles and sites.

This not only improves service delivery and extends asset lifespan but also supports risk management and reduces lifecycle costs across vital infrastructure sectors like transportation, utilities, and waste management.

Get control and insights with infrastructural asset management


Streamline your inventory management during deployment projects by ensuring precise tracking and allocation of resources with IntelliFinder.

Yes, please.

Our system provides real-time insights into inventory levels, locations, and usage, enabling effective planning and rapid response to inventory needs.

With features like barcode scanning, QR codes, and RFID technology, we simplify the process of monitoring equipment and supplies across various sites, reducing the risk of shortages and overstock.

You can set up custom alerts for specific items in any warehouse to proactively manage your inventory, staying steps ahead rather than catching up.


Advanced inventory management for optimal resource allocation

"FiberLAN uses IntelliFinder to register all our tools, via APP and QR codes. Thus, we have an overview of which fitters have which tools in the cars. This gives us a good overview in relation to annual checks, calibrations, manuals for tools and is good in the case of tools that dissapear, and we need to be able to show pictures, serial numbers, etc."

Jonas Hejfel

Project Manager at FiberLAN

Streamline documentation and reporting processes vital for deployment activities by centralising asset data and deployment history with IntelliFinder.

Facilitate shared documentation access for field service and maintenance teams and provide detailed documentation that can be shared with business partners and subcontractors to illustrate work progress and compliance.

Ease documentation for billing purposes and automate the generation of accurate and timely invoices based on the documented service history and asset usage.

Ensure that your operations remain compliant with regulatory demands by handling the intricate documentation and reporting needs associated with deployment, covering everything from internal processes to customer and regulatory requirements, including environmental impact assessments, and adherence to legal standards.

And all that other necessary stuff.

Documentation for different deployment and maintenance purposes



Track assets during deployment for future maintenance

Improve long-term operational efficiency by ensuring assets can always be accurately located and identified.

By integrating tracking technologies — such as QR, RFID, NFC, and GPS — during deployment, you ensure your assets are easily traceable throughout their lifecycle.

Identifiers allows for the seamless future location and management of assets, simplifying processes like inventory checks, maintenance, and asset retrieval.

It pays to be proactive.

Equip your field teams for deployment success with IntelliFinder's intuitive, user-friendly mobile app.

Designed to meet the real-world demands of deployment operations, our app provides your deployment staff with powerful tools to locate assets, access crucial operational data, and receive systematic guidance on-the-go.

Simplify asset and task management by allowing field workers to efficiently access and document everything from quality control to billing, legal compliance, and maintenance history by the palms of their hand.

Easy go, easy flow.

Even in the most challenging environments—whether scaling a telecommunication tower or repairing an underwater cable—your team will have easy access to job details and documentation capabilities, ensuring operational efficiency and safety at every step.

Empower your deployment operations with our mobile app



Safeguard your deployment teams and streamline compliance

Make safety a seamless part of your daily operations by prioritising safety and compliance in all your deployment activities with IntelliFinder.

Our platform allows you to integrate 'SafeSteps' directly into your operational procedures, ensuring that safety protocols are embedded into every aspect of your work environment.

By implementing predefined safety steps and procedures, you can enhance workplace safety, ensuring compliance with industry standards and reducing risk.

Awarded for highest level of security, privacy and quality

Serious about security and privacy

Highest level of cloud security and compliance

"IntelliFinder is providing us with a fast and reliable tool to identify and find unique sites and items such as access points, power supplies, surveillance cameras, underground fiber connections, breaker panels and more. Thanks to IntelliFinder system we keep up with documentation and we can be sure that our contractors follow our requirements when they create new documents."

IT Consultant in Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality Denmark

Morten Grønbæk Kristensen

“IntelliFinder has grasped the concept that data resides within an ecosystem, where it needs to be utilized across multiple channels.
This means we can access our data through an API, extract it, and seamlessly continue working with it in other systems — or integrate data into IntelliFinder from other systems.” 

IT at Odense Renovation

Henrik Bytoft Holm

"IntelliFinder is a great tool which we use as a simple module of AutoCAD, storing information about our facility’s infrastructure and important data concerning our technical devices. Its huge advantage is that it can be used also by non-technical staff and contractors. I’m sure it will continue saving company’s time and money in the future."

Facility Manager, Lindø Port of Odense, Denmark

Michael R. Gudmundsson


Seamless data integration with our API

Streamline your deployment processes by facilitating seamless import and export of data across various systems such as ERP, GIS, SCADA–and other operational technologies–with IntelliFinder's API.

We champion the Single Source of Truth (SSOT) principle, ensuring that data across your interconnected ecosystem is consistent and reliable by standardising data formats and protocols.

With comprehensive access to real-time data and analytics, you can pinpoint areas for improvement and continuously refine deployment processes and outcomes.

Progression is the only way we operate.


Get flexible deployment solutions with cloud or on-premise

Get the flexibility to take control over your deployment methods by choosing between cloud-based and on-premise solutions with IntelliFinder.

Our cloud solution offers scalability and easy deployment, making it ideal for you if you are seeking flexibility and minimal hardware management.

Alternatively, the on-premise option places all data and software management directly on your servers, catering to you with stringent data policies or regulatory compliance requirements.

This dual approach ensures you can leverage the full capabilities of our deployment software in a way that aligns perfectly with your operational strategies.

We have got you covered.

A Solution for your Industry

IntelliFinders flexibility makes us suitable in various different industries. Take a look at some below.


Energy, Utilities & Resources




Industry Ports


Service Industries


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Energy & Utilities

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Industry Ports

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Service Industries

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Get in touch with our Sales Team

They are neither annoying nor pushy.


They are really nice and helpful.

They truly are.

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