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3 telecom trends that we expect to play an even bigger role in 2024

There are many trends that we expect to see going into 2024. In the following post we will be delving into three of the telecom trends that we expect to play a big role in 2024 and beyond.

Traffic and volume increase to be supported by 5G

Traffic and volume are expected to increase greatly in 2024 and investments from The European Commission at more than €700 million are in place to support these expectations, and it is expected that more EU Member States are to fully support 5G technology as European countries generally lag behind other regions, such as North America, China, Japan and South Korea. The following countries are all expected to have more than 50% of total connections as 5G connections. In Europe, it is expected to reach 33% by 2025.

Currently LTE (Long Term Evolution) accounts for more than 80% of European technologies and this figure is expected to decrease exponentially up until 2029 and 5G becoming the number one subscription type in the region.

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What areas are expected to be supported by 5G?

Smart Cities

Barcelona is introducing REC (Real Economy Currency) where citizens can use a digital currency to conduct business through an application, or in Copenhagen data driven solutions are combined with qualified private data.

The implementation of Smart Cities is going to be put in place to secure more data-driven decision-making. Dealing with massive volumes of data from several sources will mean that fast and responsive network is in place.

Manufacturing Industry

Regulations led by the EU

We are in a time of relentless digital transformation and telecommunications are no exception to this trend. The rapid development of Smart Cities, driverless vehicles and industrial automation means that regulations are sure to follow.

Green Telecom

The telecom industry has a significant impact on the environment and it is vital that telecom operators are in alignment with the European Green Deal to come.


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Nearly 50% of all telecom operators have already implemented some LCNC ( low- /no-code) solution and this number is expected to increase in 2024.

LCNC allows businesses to convert customer needs into applications quickly, without the need for an IT specialist. This way being much more responsive and agile when adapting to customers.

The telecom industry is reliant on software solutions for network management, customer service, maintenance, etc. We believe that 2024 will be a year where it will become even more vital that companies are able to quickly and effectively respond to new market demands. Being able to further automate processes with LCNC will help streamline operations and save money in the long run.

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