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Breitbandforum and the transition towards green energy

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

We visited two unique exhibitions to discuss how IntelliFinder can contribute to the expansion of fiber and broadband networks, as well as explore the future prospects for the energy sector in Denmark. Additionally, we concluded our Lead The Talent partnership and welcomed new members to IntelliFinder.

Breitbandforum and expanding broadband & fiber

We were delighted to attend the Breitbandforum in Rostock, Germany, where we participated in numerous conversations and gained insights from industry experts. The forum, with its dedicated focus on the expansion of fiber optics and broadband, provided a valuable platform for showcasing the role of IntelliFinder in this field.

During the event, we seized the opportunity to present how IntelliFinder can play a pivotal role in facilitating the expansion process. Engaging with fellow participants and industry professionals, we explored collaborative avenues and shared perspectives on the latest trends and advancements. The Breitbandforum served not only as a space for networking but also allowed us to gain deeper insights into the challenges and opportunities within the realm of fiber optics expansion.

Looking back on our participation, we are excited about the potential collaborations and partnerships that may arise from our shared commitment to advancing the field. IntelliFinder remains dedicated to being at the forefront of technology, contributing to the success of broadband expansion initiatives by making progress smoother and more efficient.

ceo of intellifinder standing at the entrance to exhibition for danish district heating

Transition towards green energy

In November, we had the opportunity to visit Aalborg, Denmark, where the annual exhibition for Danish District Heating took place. The entire energy sector in Denmark convened to discuss how to advance into the future.

A major theme this year is accelerating the transition to "green energy" in Denmark to meet the CO2 goals for 2030. This aligns with the use case for IntelliFinder, as we aim to simplify the challenges arising from increasing regulatory demands and the growing need for documenting completed work. We anticipate that businesses will face greater difficulties in these areas in the coming years, and we aim to make this process more efficient for our users to adapt to.

lead the talent team standing at the office of intellifinder

Thank you to the team from Lead The Talent

The month of November also marked the conclusion of our Lead The Talent team, which joined us for two months. In this short time, the team delved into an untouched segment for IntelliFinder and devised real solutions on how to enter this new market. Their hard work resulted in new partnerships for IntelliFinder, and it can only be concluded that their final result was a huge success. Thanks to all the members! We are pleased to announce that we get to keep two of the members at IntelliFinder.

Watch the case video by Lead The Talent here to learn more.

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