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Expanding Our Horizons: Breaking New Ground in the German Market

We are on an exhilarating path of growth, and today marks a pivotal moment in our journey. It's with immense pride that we announce our ongoing expansion into the German market, a strategic move that underscores our commitment to bringing our innovative deployment and maintenance management software to businesses across Europe.

Map of Germany with pins at IntelliFinder office locations


Central to this expansion is the formation of our German entity, which is currently in the exciting phase of becoming a GmbH. This step signifies our dedication to embedding ourselves within Germany's dynamic economy and tech ecosystem.


We are thrilled to introduce Sandra Andersen as our first hire in Germany, stepping into the role of Geschäftsführer - Digitale Infrastruktur. Sandra's profound expertise and insight into the digital infrastructure sector make her the ideal leader to spearhead our operations, ensuring that our solutions are perfectly aligned with the needs of the German market.


During establishment of our German branch, Michael Kørschen will both serve as CEO of the Danish IntelliFinder A/S as well as Hauptgeschäftsführer in the German IntelliFinder GmbH. 


To facilitate our operations in Germany, we are setting up a central office at IntelliFinder GmbH, Osterstraße 26 b, 22844 Norderstedt. Besides our new office we’re also establishing meeting facilities in 15 locations throughout the country, to ensure that we are always ready and able to meet our clients' needs.


We warmly invite businesses keen to explore our software solutions for deployment and maintenance management to reach out. Sandra Andersen is looking forward to discussing how we can support your endeavors and foster a new era of digital transformation together.

About IntelliFinder

At IntelliFinder, we provide plug-and-play software to guide businesses through the ever-growing regulatory hurdles, ensuring that work is always tracked, documented, and executed correctly the first time.

IntelliFinder serves as the bridge between project managers and field workers, facilitating efficient communication and transparent progress tracking towards goals.

Our platform has aided companies within the Danish infrastructure sector in achieving enhanced documentation across various industries, including:


As the largest telecom provider in Denmark, TDC utilizes IntelliFinder to facilitate communication and organize field technicians effectively.

ELTEL Networks

Odense Renovation

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