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IntelliFinder Implements Organisational Changes to Support International Growth

IntelliFinder A/S and IntelliFinder GmbH are pleased to announce a new organisational structure effective from June 1, 2024, marking a significant step in our corporate transformation and drive towards internationalisation.

In response to our ongoing growth and the increasingly diverse requirements of local markets, IntelliFinder has opted to introduce a revamped organisational structure. This change is designed to enhance decision-making agility across the organisation and includes strategic modifications to executive management.

IntelliFinder GmbH: Strengthening Market Presence

Last month, we welcomed Sandra as ‪Geschäftsführerin - Digitale Infrastruktur and Peter as Geschäftsführer - Kritische Infrastruktur in our newly established GmbH company in Germany. Their roles will strengthen our presence in the German market and bring us closer to our German customers as part of our customer-centric strategy. This initiative is part of our broader aim to expand into new markets.

As previously announced, Business Owner Michael Kørschen has assumed the role of Hauptgeschäftsführer (CEO) at the German IntelliFinder GmbH. During the legal establishment of the GmbH, he has simultaneously served as the CEO of both the Danish and German entities.

Michael has been instrumental in getting us to where we are today. Now, he will dedicate his efforts solely towards capturing the German market. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he has succeeded before and now he is set on a mission to replicate this success in our new venture.

IntelliFinder A/S: Group Leadership and Structural Adjustment

The strategic decision to transition Michael to Germany means he will pass the CEO mantle at the Danish company on to Mikkel Robin Nielsen, who now takes on the role of CEO at IntelliFinder A/S.

Mikkel's journey with IntelliFinder stretches back to his initial days as CTO and later as COO, where he played a key role in product development and the adoption of a more commercially focused strategy.

This leadership change coincides with a new organisational structure, highlighting the establishment of a Group entity designed to support and bolster the departments in both Denmark and Germany. This restructure is set to enhance the group’s decision-making capabilities and responsiveness to the distinct business environments in each country and region.

We are also pleased to announce the promotion of Adna Džafić to the position of Operations & Privacy Officer. In this capacity, Adna will oversee the management and coordination of various projects and implement privacy and security protocols to protect company data and ensure compliance with legal standards.

Furthermore, we free up resources for our CTO to focus more on product strategy and ensure we have a backup for decision-making and product ownership by promoting Cedric S. Pedersen to Team Lead in the Product Development department.

Hauptgeschäftsführer Michael Kørschen from the German branch, and CSO Camilla Holstebro from the Danish branch, will continue in the Group Management team alongside CEO Mikkel R. Nielsen, CCO Morten K. Jester, and CTO Daniel Sørensen.

Supporting Continued Growth and Customer Satisfaction

As IntelliFinder A/S and IntelliFinder GmbH move forward with these strategic changes, we remain committed to enhancing our operational efficiency and customer-centric approach.

All our clients, particularly our typical clients who establish and manage critical infrastructure, rely on us to solve complex challenges in managing location-based projects, tasks, assets, field staff, and documentation. We are fortunate that our customers remain loyal for many years, and our high customer lifetime value (CLTV) underscores our ability to meet and exceed expectations.

To continue meeting these expectations and remain the preferred provider of software for location-based management, we are implementing this organisational change to stay ahead of future growth challenges. Additionally, we are positioning ourselves to adapt to a large and growing international market, ensuring exceptional service for both existing and new clients as we expand.

Curious to hear more?

We are excited about these changes and confident they will enable us to better serve our clients and maintain the high levels of customer satisfaction we are known for.

If your organisation is seeking a dedicated partner for managing location-based projects, tasks, assets, field staff, and documentation, we invite you to discover how IntelliFinder's solutions can support your goals.

For more information, please contact us at or, for German inquiries, at

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