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We visited the HI Exhibition - Monthly Update

Once again IntelliFinder visited another exciting exhibition, released an infographic video about the issues of reaching deadlines, and got officially mentioned as a proud partner of the Danish labelling program for IT security and responsible use of data.

Three images where one shows IntelliFinder employees and the HI exhibition, one is a d-seal/intellifinder logo, and one is an illustration of a man holding a paper and looking at a miniature city

HI Exhibition Smart Company

We visited the HI Exhibition and embarked on yet another journey from our offices, this time to visit the HI Exhibition in Herning, Denmark. We had the pleasure of setting up our own booth at the event, which attracted thousands of people who all shared a common passion for technology and a thirst for more knowledge.

During the exhibition, we engaged in many insightful conversations with visitors hailing from both Denmark and abroad. We discussed how IntelliFinder's software can be leveraged to enhance modern operations and were delighted to forge new partnerships.

We were also thrilled to see the turnout for our daily presentations, held in collaboration with AIDC Denmark. These presentations delved into specific use cases of our software and highlighted how we utilize RFID technology to locate sites and assets in tandem with our software, which meticulously documents each ongoing task.

For a glimpse of our memorable moments at the HI Exhibition, please watch our highlight video here:

Official D-Seal Statement

Last month, we proudly announced that we had acquired the Danish label for IT security and responsible data usage. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the official D-seal page for featuring us on their social media, alongside their other esteemed partners.

At IntelliFinder, safeguarding our users' data is of paramount importance. We are committed to taking every measure necessary to secure the data used within our system. Rest assured, we will continue to employ all available tools and resources to maintain a safe and secure environment.

Read all about the D-seal for IntelliFinder here:

Reach Your Deadlines

Meeting deadlines is no simple feat, and in a fast-paced world where regulatory demands are constantly increasing, many businesses find it challenging to keep up. In this video, we shed light on some real-world statistics and discuss our strategies for alleviating these issues in the companies we collaborate with.

For instance, were you aware that 20% of your employees frequently miss tasks? This directly affects your ability to meet deadlines, as it necessitates repeating the same tasks multiple times, thereby causing delays in the entire operation.

Want more? Check out our blog post about risk management!

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