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NET has gained a bigger overview - more transparent projects - frustrations are avoided in the long run - time is saved and it can be seen on the bottom line. Everyone at NET can benefit greatly from the IntelliFinder software without the major adjustments.

In the Faroe Islands, which consist of 18 islands of volcanic origin, NET is responsible for the operation of everything which is located in the ground regarding fiber, etc., to 20,000 households. It is a challenge to supply fiber to the small islands - the submarine cable is easily torn over when hurricanes of 50 m/s rage and the ocean current is therefore very strong. For more than 40 years Oddmar Olsson has worked at NET with generel and cross-organizational project management for longterm planning, budget compliance, construction meetings, problem solving and much more.

A pilot project

When NET started a pilot project, they discovered a need to be able to manage workflows and projects, and that there should be an overall positive overview of phases and processes. NET contacted a partner in DK, who recommended that NET should contact IntelliFinder A/S. An accommodating onboarding started a collaboration that has now been running for 10 months.


IntelliFinder’s approach to meeting NET's needs is based on a common interest in achieving software adaptation and finding workable solutions. It has taken time to get there.


Although time issues to get the software adapted, and this time span challenges NET, they experience that project management has become simpler - The work has improved and has given a better overview. The workflow between installer and contractor is positive, saves time, and especially paper that does not have to be stored in an archive. It is a strength to be able to share information between partners - in real-time - everyone has the same info quickly via a report, which means that everyone is up to date.


Visual documentation that is understandable for everyone, and quality assurance are better when using IntelliFinder software. All information can be set up in a form and backed up by photos, before, during, and after a project.

Are there other uses for IntelliFinder at NET?

The fitter department at NET can use it to make documentation before installations, from what kind of box is to be mounted and measuring how high attenuation the customer's fiber has (attenuation = measure how much loss there is in the installation), etc. - so that the entire installation can be mapped easily.


The collaboration with NET helps IntelliFinder to optimize the software so that customers are helped closer to their needs, and NET gets better, faster, and more transparent processes, workflows, and documentation - for the benefit of the individual customer and employee.


While the wind is raging in the northern part of the Atlantic, NET is doing a great job of supplying fiber to all households - and IntelliFinder is humbled to be able to help. IntelliFinder is happy with all the good ideas, and hopes that NET will benefit optimally from the software in the future.

Get in touch with our Sales Team

They are neither annoying nor pushy. They are really nice and helpful.

They truly are.


Get in touch with our Sales Team

They are neither annoying nor pushy.


They are really nice and helpful.

They truly are.

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