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Odense Havn

"Since 1803, the port has been a guarantor that Odense could develop and become one important industrial city, and we are still the engine of the city's development, but at the same time, we have developed into the harbor of opportunities. Therefore, our profile is also an invitation to companies worldwide that we are ready to welcome them and invest in one common future.”

–, 14 June 2021

The Port of Odense is a vibrant and dynamic workplace that has many different tasks that require an overview, optimization, and quality assurance. The many companies that the Port of Odense collaborates with have a clear advantage in that the collaboration is strengthened by the fact that the Port of Odense uses a Software as a Service tool that increases opportunities and development.


To solve some of these tasks, the Port of Odense uses this resource Management system that IntelliFinder has developed.


Get in touch with our Sales Team

They are neither annoying nor pushy.


They are really nice and helpful.

They truly are.

Get in touch with our Sales Team

They are neither annoying nor pushy. They are really nice and helpful.

They truly are.

Ole Sørensen is a technical coordinator and has worked for the Port of Odense since 2014

In accordance with the port growing bigger, he became, as well as former employees, was attracted to work for the Port of Odense.

Ole has a great responsibility in relation to arranging for certifications and annual reviews, of e.g. harnesses so that legal requirements are complied with.

Ole uses IntelliIFinder to have an overview of everything that needs to be serviced and to handle all tasks within a year so that nothing falls between two chairs.


What challenges does IntelliFinder help solve?

  • The IntelliFinder system's GPS tracking works very well and avoids the Port of Odense a lot of wasted time looking for where to read various meters.

  • The Port of Odense has full control of all certifications using IntelliFinder and is therefore always updated in this area at the right time.

  • Engineering at the Port of Odense also uses IntelliFinder's system. All data from guidance and safety data sheets are in one system, instead of 5 different places.

  • When the buoys in Odense Fjord need a new battery, the system ensures that the Port of Odense has the right equipment with them to the buoy and that it is the right type of battery that comes in the buoy, so that there is always light in the buoy and security on the fjord is on space.


All in all, Ole Sørensen feels that It’s an easy-to-use system.

Odense Havn

Andreas Andersen, a machinist, works with the operation and maintenance of water and heat, and in that connection IntelliFinder solves a big need being a location-based tool.

Andreas finds it easy and intuitive to use the system, create sites and fill out a form when he is on-site somewhere at the Odense Harbors big area.

When Andreas works in IntelliFinders app on his mobile, he thereby avoids walking around with a lot of papers, and at the same time, he uses his time optimally.

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