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Odense Renovation

Organizing data that allows for accountability, tracking updates, and identifying the individuals responsible for the updates.

Odense Renovation, a Danish waste management company responsible for collecting and sorting garbage throughout the city of Odense, partners with IntelliFinder to modernize its data management practices. With 8 recycling facilities and 400 containers spread across the city, as well as household pickups for paper/cardboard, glass/metal, plastic, food waste, and more, the company faced challenges in tracking and organizing its operations efficiently.

Traditionally, this process relied on spreadsheets or employees' memory, leading to scattered data and a lack of oversight on updates and responsibilities.

Escaping the spreadsheet nightmare

" We had a sea of data registered in spreadsheets scattered everywhere. Nobody had an overview of what was registered, why it was registered, or who was maintaining it. We needed to escape the spreadsheet nightmare and organize our data in a manner that allows for accountability, tracking updates, and identifying the individuals responsible for the updates. "


Data within an ecosystem

Odense Renovation found themselves in a situation where they required a standardized and accessible method for collecting and storing data across their organization. They sought a solution that would enable them to efficiently track their drivers and containers throughout the city.

"IntelliFinder has grasped the concept that data resides within an ecosystem, where it needs to be utilized across multiple channels. This means we can access our data through an API, extract it, and seamlessly continue working with it in other systems-or integrate data into IntelliFinder from other systems."

Key takeaways for Odense Renovation

  • Consistent Documentation on Assets

    • Odense Renovation employs IntelliFinder to ensure a consistent workflow for collecting consumption data, monitoring equipment condition, and conducting daily equipment checks. This helps maintain accurate and organized documentation of assets.

  • Tracking Containers

    • Odense Renovation utilizes IntelliFinder to track the location of containers. Each container is treated as its own "site" in the system, allowing relevant data to be collected and saved for each container.

  • Single Sign On

    • IntelliFinder supports SSO identification, which is crucial for Odense Renovation. This feature enables users to log into the system using their existing credentials, avoiding the need to create separate user accounts.

  • GPS Solution

    • Given that Odense Renovation deals with assets that frequently change locations, IntelliFinder's GPS solution is invaluable. It allows the organization to update GPS locations in real-time, preventing drivers from wasting time by going to incorrect locations.


Get in touch with our Sales Team

They are neither annoying nor pushy.


They are really nice and helpful.

They truly are.

Get in touch with our Sales Team

They are neither annoying nor pushy. They are really nice and helpful.

They truly are.

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