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Field Service Management - An IntelliFinder Use Case


Optimise Your Operations by Mastering Maintenance Management

Ensure that no task is overlooked, and gain peace of mind knowing your maintenance is under control, by establishing your maintenance schedule systematically with IntelliFinder.

Manage job frequencies effortlessly and store important maintenance data in one system—for both preventive and predictive maintenance tasks—for enhanced operational efficiency and reduced downtime with real-time data tracking.

Tailored for the critical infrastructure sectors, our software provides support for maintenance management, empowering everyone from management to field specialists and subcontractors.

Low-key brilliant.

Discover why we are trusted by teams from 3 to 1.000 across various critical infrastructure industries: 

"IntelliFinder is a mandatory part of our infrastructure supporting quality assurance during execution, ensuring a high level of documentation for the benefit of Site- and Inspection Managers and O&M Operators."

Mette Sandvig

Project Manager at Banedanmark


Ensure your assets by preventative maintenance

Gain operational efficiency and extend asset longevity by enabling you to create, manage, and track work orders with ease. Simplify managing work orders, tracking assets, and scheduling preventive maintenance operations using IntelliFinder.

Sounds good, right?

IntelliFinder streamlines workflows, ensures tasks are allocated to suitable personnel, and maintains transparency with stakeholders on maintenance progress.

This reduces equipment downtime and helps prevent costly breakdowns: ultimately it translates into considerable long-term savings.

An efficient win, so to speak.


Get hold of your assets by mapping and locating them

Tired of losing gear?

Get the full overview of the locations of your assets by mapping and locating your assets with IntelliFinder.

When meticulously tracking your assets, their documentation, and maintenance history you can streamline your maintenance operations and optimise future task scheduling by ensuring every relevant detail is attached to your assets with IntelliFinder’s features.

Furthermore, you can keep warranty details, spare parts inventory, and other asset details you would like.

Oh, the details.


See who is doing what and when by managing work orders

Ensure your technicians are always where they need to be to keep your maintenance schedule on track by streamlining work order management with IntelliFinder.

By automating certain tasks, you can free up time for the more important ones. Such as minimising errors and eliminating rework.

Gain the capability to generate and share detailed reports, keeping up with different requirements. Simplify the documentation process by using our task templates to create work orders faster, ensuring consistency in routine tasks and recurring jobs. Automatically transform your field workers' task documentation into comprehensive reports.

Complete with signatures for quality assurance, billing, and legal compliance, naturally.

"FiberLAN uses IntelliFinder to register all our tools, via APP and QR codes. Thus, we have an overview of which fitters have which tools in the cars. This gives us a good overview in relation to annual checks, calibrations, manuals for tools and is good in the case of tools that dissapear, and we need to be able to show pictures, serial numbers, etc."

Jonas Hejfel

Project Manager at FiberLAN